Welcome to the Guiltless Gourmet.

A true foodie at heart, I was devastated in my twenties to find that the foods I adored were starting to stick with me. I could no longer negate their effects with mere exercise alone. So, I painfully began the process of dieting which I instantly abhorred.

I’ve worked as a Nutrition Counselor & Personal Trainer. My work in the health & fitness field has taught me that diets that work are as varied as the people they work for. I am not a lo-carber. If you tell me I can’t have something, I crave it more than anything. Every time I have lo-carbed. It’s ended with incredible weight loss followed by incredible weight gain as I’ve carbloaded. However, as a nutrition counselor I discovered that for some this plan is perfection. Especially for those who are obese, the lo-carb diet takes away the fear of feeling hungry. My mom lost over 100 pounds with lo-carb and has kept it off for over seven years!

For myself the Weight Watchers program works, if I can have a limited number of a food in exchange for a number I will count out that number and enjoy every morsel. I’ve watched others who’ve struggled with this plan. I know it’s downfalls for many, but for me it keeps me honest!

You ask: If Weight Watchers works then why are you still dieting?

Well, the truth be posted for all to see. Sometimes, I forget and try a fad diet trying to get a quick solution to 10 or 15 vanity pounds. Often, I’m lazy. I don’t want to track. I want to fall back into the cycle of gorge and regret. Hopefully, renewing my commitment to this blog will start to keep me honest. Our relationship with food is a journey. We must decide how we commit to the steps.

My journey for fabulous food that kept me looking fit has brought me to these recipes. Some are borrowed. Some are my personal experiments. Some modified versions of old favorites. I try my best to make everything moderate in calories, low in fat, and high in fiber. I will give WW points for recipes as well. I use whole wheat ingredients whenever possible. I do use short cuts. Being a working woman with a full time business, I try to use my time efficiently.

I promise that every morsel I share with you has been tasted. It has passed my husband’s strict palate with an overwhelming “Yumm”.

I will also share my musings on my favorite restaurants from here to there. My favorite gourmet goodies. My favorite food events. My favorite wines.


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