Black Bean Turkey Chili

February 22, 2008

Black Bean Turkey Chili

In an ideal world, I would never use cans or bottle or seasoning packets, but my hectic schedule demands short cuts. If you have the time, use the non- shortcut method. It lowers the sodium dramatically.

This chili can be served solo, over brown rice, or in a whole wheat tortilla.

1 lb. ground turkey
1 packet taco seasoning
2 15 oz. cans black beans, undrained
6 oz. Tomato Paste
2 cups chicken broth
16 oz. mushrooms, fresh pre-sliced
Diced Jalapenos to taste
1 jar or container favorite salsa or 1 (28 oz.) can of diced tomatoes

Brown Ground Turkey on the stove. Drain if needed. Add taco seasoning per packet instructions.

Add to crockpot- Cooked Turkey with seasoning, Black Beans, Mushrooms, Jalapenos, Salsa, Chicken Broth & Tomato Paste.

Cook on High Heat in Crockpot 4 Hours.


Cook on Low Heat in Crockpot 8 Hours.

Serves 8.

5 WW Points per Serving

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 400 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories                                            262
Total Fat                                         8.1g
Saturated Fat                                  2.1g
Cholesterol                                      58mg
Sodium                                         801mg
Total Carbohydrates                         26.5g
Dietary Fiber                                     9.8g
Sugars                                            7.2g
Protein                                          23.6g
Vitamin A 6% Vitamin C 13%
Calcium 6% Iron 20%
Nutrition Grade A-
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Weight Watchers Core Food List

February 16, 2008

Being on WW Core, is simply training yourself to eat well. I have stuck to Core in the past. As well as reaching my weight goals, I found I had more energy and was less likely to get sick. Eating well keeps you well.  

The plan is simple eat any foods you want from the Core List. Eat until you are satisfied not full. These foods have been chosen for their low abuse factor. I found on this program I ate more and weighed less.

Fresh, frozen or canned (without added sauce, fat or sugar)

Vegetables cannot contain ingredients that are not Core Foods (e.g., regular refried beans, pork & beans, corn in butter sauce, dried tomatoes packed in oil, French fries and sweet pickles are not Core Foods.
Vegetable juices are not Core Foods.

Fresh, frozen or canned fruits (without added sugar)

Canned fruit must be packed in water or juice (not syrup.
Dried fruits are not Core Foods.
Fruit juices are not Core Foods.

Fresh, dried, canned, frozen or homemade soups made only with Core Foods

Bean soup (e.g., lentil soup, split pea soup)
Broth-based soup
Tomato soup
Cream soups are not Core Foods.
Fat-Free Dairy Products and Dairy Substitutes:
Fat-free milk, cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt — all count towards your daily milk servings
Reduced-calorie dairy shakes and Weight Watchers Smoothies (both count towards milk servings, both are limited to once a day)
Fat-free, sugar-free pudding (counts towards milk servings)
fat-free, sugar-free instant hot cocoa (limited to once a day)
Fat-free sour cream
Soy milk, cheese and yogurt (plain)

Starches, Grains and Cereals:
Whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes, and grains
Rolled oats
Puffed wheat, puffed rice, shredded wheat, and 100% bran cereals that do not contain added sugar
Cooked (hot) cereal
Whole-wheat pasta, brown rice or potatoes are limited to one meal a day
Cold cereals are limited to one meal a day and must be eaten with fat-free milk or fat-free plain yogurt.
Hot cereal must be a plain variety that does not contain added sugar, nuts or dried fruit.
Bread is not a Core Food.

Lean Meats:

Beef, lamb, pork and veal

At the meat case look for cuts from the “loin,” “round,” and “leg”
Ground beef with no more than 7% fat is limited to one meal a day. Processed meats such as deli products and hot dogs are not Core Foods.
Poultry – Chicken and turkey
Trim any visible fat before preparing and remove skin before eating
Ground turkey or ground chicken is limited to one meal a day.

Fish and Shellfish:
Fresh, frozen, or canned, any variety

Canned varieties must be packed in water, broth or tomato juice (not packed in oil).

Meat Substitutes:
Dried beans and lentils
Tofu, any type
Vegetarian burgers, frozen

Egg and Egg Substitutes:
Whole eggs, egg whites and egg substitutes

Fat-free salad dressings
Fat-free margarine
Fat-free mayonnaise
Nonstick cooking or baking spray
Extracts, flavorings, and herbs
Include 2 teaspoons of olive, canola, safflower, sunflower, or flaxseed oil each day. Use your weekly POINTS Allowance for any additional oil.

Coffee (without sugar)
Tea (without sugar)
Diet soft drinks
Club soda
Seltzer (plain or flavored, unsweetened)

Beverages containing alcohol are not Core Foods

Cocktail sauce
Hot sauce (pepper sauce)
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Salsa (fat-free)
Soy sauce (shoyu)
Steak sauce
Sugar substitutes
Taco sauce
Teriyaki sauce
Worcestershire sauce

Gelatin (unflavored and sugar-free flavored)
Weight Watchers Fruities (available for sale at Weight Watchers meetings in participating areas).

At Snack Time Choose:
Fat-free milk
Fruits and veggies
Popcorn (94% fat-free)
Vegetable soup
Weight Watchers Fruities
1 Weight Watchers Smoothie

Source: Weight Watchers website

Green Bean Chicken

February 11, 2008

Just made this for lunch on Sunday. I forgot how much I loved it. It is a bit spicy. A great way to get several veggie servings. A good source of protein.  Absolutely ….. delicious! But best of all an incredible amount of food that is entirely … guiltless.

Green Bean Chicken

  • 6 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup Light Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing
  • 6 cups green beans, trimmed
  • 2-3 Cloves Garlic, minced
  • 2 tbsp. Fresh Ginger, minced
  • 2 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
  • 2 tsp. (to taste) Sirachi (roasted garlic- red pepper puree)
  • 1 tbsp. sesame seeds
  • 2 tsp. oil (preferably sesame)

Minimum of 2 Hours Before. Marinate Chicken Breasts in Light Asian Sesame Dressing.

Heat 1 tsp. oil in large wok. Combine Chicken, Marinade, Red Pepper Flakes, minced Garlic, and 1 tbsp. of fresh Ginger in small  bowl. Add to wok. Saute over med-high heat until chicken is cooked through. Remove Chicken from wok and cover.

Add 1 tsp. of oil to wok. Heat over High Heat. Add Green Beans, Sirachi, Sesame Seeds, and remaining tbsp. of minced Ginger. Stirring until green beans are wrinkled about 2-3 minutes.

Add back Chicken. Stir until all is heated through.

Serve over  1 cup Brown Rice.

Serves 2-4


Nutrition Facts based on recipe divided into 2 servings. Includes 1 cup brown rice.

Cutting Carbs- Cut Out the Brown Rice

Does NOT include nutritional info for dressing.

WW points- 7

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 434 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories                                            337
Total Fat                                      10.8g 
Saturated Fat                                 2.0g
Cholesterol                                      72mg
Sodium                                           86mg
Total Carbohydrates                         30.5g
Dietary Fiber                                   13.0g
Sugars                                            5.0g
Protein                                             34g
Vitamin A 61% Vitamin C 94%
Calcium 19% Iron 32%
Nutrition Grade A

Chocolate Walk

February 9, 2008


Alright this activity is not exactly “guiltless”, but sometimes you just have to live a little.

February 8th     5-8 pm 

Downtown Coeur d’Alene

Chocolate Walk

Only once a year do we get the incredible opportunity to stroll downtown tasting chocolate from over 30 different locations. A chocoholics dream come true.

 “Chocolate is a perfect food, as wholesome as it is delicious, a beneficent restorer of exhausted power. It is the best friend of those engaged in literary pursuits.” – Baron Justus von Liebig